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Absurdist Comedy Podcasts

There's plenty of surreal comedy on television these days.

'Saturday knight' with Chip Peasley, 'Welcome to the peahive' with Chip Waterhouse and 'Ice cream clones' with Johnny Car are all great shows and are watched by tens of people every week but what about the world of podcasts? Are there any leftfield shows worth listening to?

In this self-serving article, I'm going to 'shine a light' on some of my favourite Weird, Strange, Absurd and Surreal podcasts and in the process promote my own brand of infuriating nonsense.

The Bolog Report

Being neither absurd nor comedy, it is, perhaps, surprising to find The Bolog Report with Nigenremsel on this list. Every week on the show, Nigenremsel talks about his grievances updates his list of enemies and pours ice-cold water on his listener's hopes and dreams.

It is unparalleled in its toxic negativity and will leave you feeling utterly drained.

The good news is that you don't have to listen to it! If your interest has been piqued, however, hard luck, because not only is The Bolog report unavailable to new listeners but it is also entirely fictional.

Nichael explains it all

Nichael Nolvis has a reputation for being a big fat layabout. One made up critic described him as a 'sluggish oaf' and his podcast as a 'waste of made up time' but in my opinion 'Nichael explains it all' is by far the weirdest entry on this list.

Episodes vary in length from 2 seconds to 10 hours and may or may not actually have any content. One of the most intriguing aspects of the show is that you never know what you're going to get. One week there'll be an audio recording of Nichael lying asleep on the sofa and the next episode may feature an in-depth interview with a piece of fluff he has extracted from his deep dark belly button. If he utters any words at all, he does so on an in-breath, making it almost impossible to understand what he's talking about.

It's not entertaining in the slightest but 'Nichael explains it all' is definitely unique.

Olg in the hisp

Co-Hosts Polom Paulensemsfon and Olba Meb-Ola sound like many other annoying American podcasters but keep listening and you'll experience a podcast like no other.

Neither of these husky Boston gals stops talking for the entire show. There's no conversation just the incessant simultaneous wittering of two demented hipsters. Any silences are filled with white noise. The result feels like a complete auditory assault.

This is yet another 'non-existent' podcast but well worth checking out nevertheless.


Cave Man Cave

Shelter from the snow flakes in Cave Man Cave. Hoke Hormen and Jome Remorgan are a couple of CGI tough guys and they have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullshit (other people's). The guests are exclusively hot-headed Alpha males and every episode is essentially a big 'Willy waving exercise' both figuratively and literally with both hosts attempting to shake their shrunken chodes at regular intervals.

What makes Cave man cave weird?

If you listen to the audio version, It just sounds like a couple of meat heads banging on about how many press ups they can do.

Watch live on Youtune however and you're in for a surprise treat. Hoke Hormen's hairdo looks like a top hat covered with bottle tops and Jome Remorgan's Top hat is covered in cat hair and bottle tops. They have identical faces: 2 eyes, nose and a mouth but look a little closer and you'll see that they are in fact, balloons with the features drawn on in marker pen.

This isn't a podcast

'This isn't a podcast' perfectly describes this non-show from the creators of 'This isn't a sentence' and 'This isn't a smen-tense'. It certainly isn't a podcast and as such doesn't have a presenter, guests or any content. 'So what is it then?' I hear you cry. Well, it's more of a concept than an actual tangible thing and only exists in your mind as you're reading this. After you've finished this article and resume the tiresome activities that define your meaningless existence, the memory will fade and the 'show' will cease to 'exist'.

The Red Raw End

While other podcasts make promises they can't keep 'The Red Raw End' consistently delivers bewildering gobbledegook to its loyal audience of fringe lunatics, ball cases and nut bags. Host Pichael Pinatz spends every waking moment of his life composing oblique non-sequiturs, opaque speech labyrinths and nauseating vocal noises. The resulting 'Show' is guaranteed to leave you feeling sick but hungry for more. Like eating a slice of urinal cake, made to look like a normal cake, complete with turquoise icing, candles and green glacier cherries. When asked to describe the show, Pichael gave a complicated series of eyebrow movements which were translated by an interpreter as: 'Esves evse vs sves esvsevs es svees'.


Last but not least, Fuggcast deserves a special mention for being the only real podcast on this list! If you're still reading there's a chance you'll like it. Created by me (Sam Langley) for Sam Langley (me), each episode features weird music, pretend interviews and lots of nonsensical wittering. If you like Avant-garde English Comedy then...

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